Angel barked at me today and I am not happy about it…

She has ruined my third slipper( beach flipflops aka bathroom slippers) in a row, in a week. She is chewing them off. Same left leg slipper, same pattern of chewing. Like a serial killer- of slippers.

Angel is perpetually high on life. So much so, that she jumps on people with excitement. She has long nails, which I trim every fortnight or so, but they hurt, if she is climbing on you and you are uhmmm not wearing anything substantial below. (That happens, in the privacy of my room). Since she huggy attacked my towel clad housemate at 7 Am  yesterday morning , I thought its time to be strict.

I didn’t wanted to hit her, so I picked up a spray bottle from dollar store and started spraying water at her whenever she wasn’t listening. Stuff like, ‘don’t jump on me’, ‘don’t ruin your bed by eating the foam,’don’t run after strangers who are jogging,’don’t bring your toys on the bed’, ‘don’t eat my shoe’,’don’t steal my socks’ and so on. This was working because she is perhaps the only golden retriever in the world who hates water. Trust me, she hates showers.

I was irritating her by spraying water on her today, and all of a sudden she barked at me. Well, this was the first ever bark from her, full fledged adult no nonsene bark, in her 9 months of existence. She has done whines and soft bark-ish sounds here and there( like 1 time in 2 weeks if we are lucky) but today was personal, way too personal. Gosh, I must have really bugged her because she literally went at it. I had a feeling as if I had been reprimanded. Damn!

And then when she ripped my third slipper, I lost it. Don’t ask me about it, I just burst into tears. When full flow of water works were happening I realised that Angel is harassing me. You bitch!




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