Have you ever watched Sooryavansham?


Post lunch time when half of my household was enjoying its nap time, a random click on the remote would land me on Set Max. If I am lucky, the aging Amitabh would be on my 25 year old TV set, acting in a movie called Sooryavansham.

I highly recommend you to watch the movie. It has the adequate amount of perverseness and double meaning jokes. It has some drama, a revengeful villain and it has tasteful songs, I am not even kidding. No seriously, have you watched the thing before? Don’t lie!

Right when my household is stirring from its afternoon sleep and preparing evening tea, Bhanu Pratap(Amitabh Bachhan’s father, played by Amitab Bacchan as well) meets his grandson, the only grand-SON among all his grandchildren. He is now warming up to his exiled son and daughter in law because of his grandson! By the way, this part I kind of get irritated with. Dude, you have got to watch the movie before hand. I am not summarising the movie here. Come on!

Anyway, the best part about the movie is when the illiterate husband promotes his literate wife to become a District Collector. Makes me wonder how many men are out there who can do that? On the other hand, how many woman would leave everything to be with an illiterate and disrespected man just for love?  Is love that powerful?

Anyway, I watched the movie again on youtube , projected it on a Craigslist purchased TV( so advanced technology right? Remember the 25 year old TV?) and relived something again. Was it nostalgia or was it hope?



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