If it had to be love…

“As he looked up at the clouds or down at the precipice, he realized that this woman was the most important thing in his life; that she was the explanation, the sole reason for the existence of those rocks, that sky, that winter. If she were not there with him, it wouldn’t matter if all the angels of heaven came flying down to comfort him–Paradise would make no sense.”-Brida, Paulo Coelho

If I could just drink from those magical words. If I could just mush the words and spread my love of the poetry and prose that Paulo had delivered…

Only, I would say that about a man, my man.

“I vividly remember when in the corner of my room, you had tears in your eyes. I had to hold you then. Period. I wanted to know what got you there. I had to know. For some reason, I feared that those tiny drops from the corner of your eyes, pouring down your laugh lines towards your cheeks, were because of me. The fear was so real, that I did not feel sorry. I felt self loathe and self hatred in a microsecond. Dizzying pain gripped my chest, when I thought that my heart had dropped. I knew I loved you then. I knew that, even before my hand reached your chest to comfort you. It was not the first time that I had felt that. I was going through the whole process of it, and when my finger tips reached your being and felt your heart drumming beneath my tips, I knew. I knew, somewhere deep down, still unknown to you, even if its .000001%, you loved me too…”– The Unwritten Book, Sonali Yadav



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