Lets say the things we haven’t said yet…

We are who we are, so lets cut the crap.

Relationships are kinda complicated. Things you did as a favor to your friends are not favors when you do it for your partner. Lets see, he knows that making me sleep on the right side of the bed is slightly uncomfy. He knows that Mc Ds sundaes don’t come for free and I won’t stop asking him for them. He knows that.

I know that I will never stop treasure hunting my stuff in his laundry bag. I know that his snoring would only increase with time. I know that I will be lost in housekeeping responsibilities over time and there is no escaping it.

Golden Retriever sheds a fucking lot. Mine, sheds enough to donate to a bald blonde person. Literally. Not even kidding.

My figure is kind of a hyperbole. I hate listening to the fact that I am fat. I admit it but I hate listening to the same stuff again and again. I won’t change. You gotta come up with some superficial adjectives which may be borderline “boosting my false ego” synonyms of the adjectives that you falsely complimented me with. I know it’s complicated.

People have a weird choice of lingerie. Ladies, if there is a chance that your thingy will be in my laundry accidentally, make it worth the watch. Obviously I am referring to my house mate whose name rhymes with “evil” and is also a month of a year, kindly stop wearing this:

Its not erotic, its flimsy state is irrational. Next time something like this ends up in my laundry, I am reporting you to the lingerie police aka VS staff.

Savita bhabhi is hot stuff, no kidding. Do bhabhis behave like that in real life? I wonder, I have never read about her fucking bhaiya. He is that husband who is never around. Weird, promiscuous, dirty and….horny? 

I finally watched Breaking Bad. Yep. I am sorry guys who told me that its super delicious, its also borderline disturbing. I actually  liked and in fact loved Saul Goodman. Currently, I am binging on to “Better Call Saul”. Also, I have few other names that are way more raw than BB. For example Narcos, GOT, House of Cards, Scandal, How to get away with Murder….Dude I watch way too much TV. 



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