Why do I have a feeling that I am lost?

My mom asked me, “Does America have sexism?”

America, with me living in it, has sexism. I am a sexist, when I think that a certain ‘other’ gender is better at something than ‘my gender’ or vice versa. Lets give you an analogy. If I think that ‘he’ is better at carrying a heavy suitcase and also think that it gives me a right to pretend as if I am a khaleesi and expect ‘him’ to carry the burden every time I need to, then I am a sexist. If ‘he’ expects that cooking food is ‘my’ job even if we both enter the house at the same time after doing hard work, the same work even, then ‘he’ is a sexist. Thats a simple definition. It has many consequences. We woman intelligently garb ourselves in diva mode and expect that the heavy suitcase in presence of a man is not our responsibility. Carrying a heavy suitcase when a man is around means that the man does not respect you or in worse case scenario, he is weak. On the other hand, I don’t even want to rant about what ‘he’ can garb himself  into when a woman is around. A child, for example?

My mom understood the basis that America is a sexist nation, despite of its technology, freedom that the country gives to kiss in public, independence that country promises to ladies who could wear skimpy clothes and not get teased, and a super power status. What my mother needed to understand how it was crucial in deciding its next President? 

Well, for example, America has Trumped it, right?

A power hungry woman is a power hungry bitch. A power hungry man, is a power hungry MAN, and not a dog. It doesn’t even matter if he is illiterate in his ideas and philosphies, if he can manhandle a diplomatic conversation or if he can sexually offend a woman. He is a MAN, not even a charming one, not even a realistic one and not even a reasonable one. He has just swept the entire nation on his one and  only weapon, his tongue. Have you seen it lashing out lately against immigrants?

To give reigns of a country to a man who is not even fit to look after Angel-my dog(for that we have Steve) is telling something. 

Yet he is now sitting on the iron throne. What are we going to have, another Red Wedding?


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