Keep calm because its Angel’s Birthday!

We weren’t there so as to speak, when she was born.

But we were there three months later in a cube meeting the perfect little puppy who  was so eager to meet us. We thought it was love at first sight.

Only it wasn’t.

I know you never asked but here are 12 birthday facts about Angel…

1.Angel luurvvess everybody!

Turns out that over the next few months, she is going to coo over our delivery guy, Peevey- made up name of a friend/house mate/dog-walker, Cruella from 101 Dalamtaions-housemate/bitch/cat owner, Ms. Mc D and Mr. Mc D-Complain boxes/housemates/loud sex vocalists/ Mr Mc D works at Mc D I guess, and Mr. Boom boom pow- Bad guy turns good/Chain smoker/ Muscle stacked/Calls Mc D poison(not the person, the food)…

2. Angel is a choosy eater.

We have changed 4 brands over the last few months. She stuck to Purina for a while and we were happy that she was eating food without giving us some trouble. We used to give her hides so that she had a pass time. Life was perfect until when S told me that Purnina was like french fries and the other dog food(the one that she was not eating) was like broccoli. It did not bother me even then, because we could have bought Purnina from the 20/7 gas station near us. The hide was great because it was better than she ripping apart our shoes. Until one day, our dog trainer cringed at the name of Purina and told us that hides were dangerous because its shards can seriously hurt Angel if she ingested it. Angel would definitely ingest it. She is a hogger.

3.Angel is a toy destroyer.

We have collectively and mutually gifted over 30 toys of varied variety. Ropes, balls, soft toys,wood sticks for dogs, kongs, blah blah. She is a sucker for ropes. She isn’t into balls right now. She is too intelligent for kongs. She has destroyed 90% of her toys. One time I bought something really sturdy looking from CVS. She tore that poor thing apart in under 5 mins. Peevey bought some Mc D french fries looking-squeaky toy fromDollar  store. This toy was made out of plastic. Angel ate the fries of the french fries sqyeaky toy- Hogger!

4. She is extremely intelligent.

I should not be a proud mom over here but its true. Angel knows how to ‘sit’ when told to sit👆🏽, she knows how to go ‘down’ when told to be ‘down’ or ‘sit’👇🏼, she knows how to ‘stay’ and ‘wait’ even though none of us knows the difference other than the hand gestures 👊🏻/✋🏼, she knows how to ignore ‘come’ and acknowledge ‘bye’-because bye means I am leaving, she knows how to ‘shut up’ and ‘leave it’. She also knows how to ignore you. She knows when to rest her head on my feet, she knows that the warmth is always welcome. God, I hope she knows that!

5. Angel likes String Cheese, Beef sticks, Dog chews,milk bones, worn socks, dirty underwear, stockings and beach slippers. She isn’t into fancy stuff.

6. Angel has a scared to death-you look dangerous- I am gonna be friends with you even if you don’t want to- relationship with the house owner’s cats.

7. Angel is not vocal. She likes to whine and cry but does not bark.Well, maybe once in 2 months. Tops.

8. She potty trained herself. Because we were a bunch of losers.

9. She vomits when she eats your slippers/shoes, her bed, a new food.

10. She loves yogurt. Dannon, unflavoured, full fat milk.

11. She snores. A lot.

12. She likes to stare outside the window.

Happy birthday to my bae!


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