Fair and Handsome anyone?

My usual phone call with mom lasts longer if we are gossiping or talking trashy about people in general. She and I often squirm around the paraphrased ‘I-know-I-can-tell-only-you-this talk’ when we are doing mouth diarrhea about relatives, friends, friends of friends and almost nobodies in our life.

Mommy dearest on one occasion commented that she attended a wedding of a neighbor’s daughter. The daughter had to wait for 5 years to get married to the guy of her choice, simply because her parents weren’t agreeing. I casually asked, ‘Where is the guy from?’ to which she replied ‘Somewhere from South India, but in spite of that he is extremely good looking.’ Slightly annoyed, when I asked what is her definition of a good looking man, she replied ‘I mean, he was gora’[I mean that he is fair] When I proceeded to tell her that ‘Aishwarya Rai’ is a South Indian and is amazingly good looking, she did a double take. I then proceeded to tell her that S is dark- chocolate shade dark and the line went dead.

Right then and there I knew why Fair And Handsome obtained its niche market. The old and harboring industry of melanin suppressor, was tired of torturing women since 1971(Obtained from their Wiki page). I remember Shahrukh Khan endorsing the brand at one point of time. I wonder if he was indirectly calling himself ‘Unfair’? Sorry about the lame attempt at a joke…

When I told about my conversation with mommy dearest to S, his annoyance was perpetual even before I finished my story. He wasn’t taking this lightly and wanted me to send a picture of him to my mommy dearest. This tactic was to prove that even though he was dark, he was handsome. My boy is sure as hell handsome but I ain’t sending any pictures of him to my mom. Period. His annoyance gathered momentum when he heard that I said-quote/unquote ‘That he was of a chocolate shade’, to which I replied that I had precisely mentioned that he was of the color of a Milk Chocolate for example Cadbury. He heaved his sonny chest and wanted to throw me like a rag doll outside the window, when I bribed him with a Mc D 1 buck Sundae in return.

I wonder if my remark has hit a nerve. I wonder, whether my sister who is dusky, feels the same. I often sense it in her remarks sometimes when she compares herself to her fair husband. She is beautiful with her Trident smile and S is handsome with his love dimples. I look at myself in the mirror and gaze at my fairness and truly wonder whether that makes me any lovely…




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