My trip to Indiaūüáģūüá≥

Random thoughts. Random entries. Timelines are blurred because my whole trip was a big blur. It lasted 13 days precisely, where 4 days were spent in flights and trains. 8 days were spent in my hometown, Ajmer and 1 day was spent in the company of my cousins and extended family in New Delhi.

Ajmer, Rajasthan, India     8th January       4:42 AM EST

Paan- beetle leaves, are a religion in my home. After dinner, my pops solemnly asks for a customary Paan, everyday.

However, on this day,¬†pops and I¬†are about to board the train to New Delhi. Hundal Paan shop, which was in business even before I was born,¬†seals the deal. ¬†Gulkand daalkar and bina supaari …[My preference is beetle leaves with Gulkand and without the¬†Areca Nut].

Ajmer, Rajasthan, India     5th January         3:41 AM EST

Rubal, has an infection and needs a surgery. The gown does not fit and the compounder runs frantically to search for a gown that might. Finally a gown did fit and feels like a brassiere like choli from behind. Usually, its a solemn situation, but we start eve teasing my baby brother in a sophisticated way. While bua(Aunt) and Mommy dearest whisper words of harassment in his ear, I take a picture of his sexy back!

Ajmer, Rajasthan, India     4th January         10:02 AM EST

Pops got his first pair of prescription glasses when he turned 50. I got my first pair, when I was a teen. I have been a loyal customer of Bhargava Opticals Ajmer for 13 years for every pair of glasses I have ever put on. When you click on the link of BOA(not Bank of America but Bhargava Opticals) you will see two uncles. I have seen both of them at the shop for as long as I remember.

While the uncle- who gave my first pair of prescription glasses -is trying to handle a difficult customer who happens to be my dad, I click this picture.

Ajmer, Rajasthan, India     4th January         2:37 PM  EST

You look at these glasses? In case you did not notice, these are the new ones from BOA(not Bank of America still). You see the jersey I am wearing? It was owned by my sis from another miss, handed down to me when I was 12 years old. My mom PRESERVES clothes and does the cloth mummification. The chain of this jersey works, it still fits, and the color hasn’t faded enough to demolish this¬† jersey into a rag.

Ajmer, Rajasthan, India     3rd January        5:14 AM EST

I visited my best friend from school, whom I have known for 11 years. In my long lived absence from India, she got married and gave birth to a beautiful son-Zohaan.

He is crying in the picture because he is subjected to simple discomforts of life-gas ūüí®

Funny how memories flashes before my eyes. I see two teens riding to tuitions on Honda Activa, I see two teens eating canteen samosas, I see two teens fearing our class XII class teacher more than our own mommy dearests and then I see two adults, holding a baby- a baby who is just 40 days young.

Ajmer, Rajasthan, India     2nd January        4:54 AM EST

I casually mention while having lunch that I loved Dangal-the latest movie by Amir Khan. Pops got really pumped when I begin to mention that the story was true and based on two sisters from Haryana(my side of Yadav clan is basically from Haryana). Also pops is a movie buff, since the beginning of time.

We went to the Miraj mall- me, mom and pops- even though mom and I have already watched the movie. Before the movie begins, there is our Indian National Anthem where the mere total of 5 people get up in respect(there were 5 people in the movie hall because it was afternoon show on a weekday). There was a weak salute from the couple in front and I felt irritation more than patriotism.

I was battling through an intense case of exhaustion and jet lag, so I slept through the second half of the movie. I could not see, but the low volume snores may be from pops. Mommy dearest had her eyes wide open, mentally awake or not.

PS: If you notice, pops has a paan(beetle leaf) in his mouth.

New Delhi, India     31st December    7:59 PM EST


After roughly 16 hours of flight and 4 hours of layover in Doha, I land in New Delhi. I fought over currency conversion rates. Due to the recent demonetization, we are allowed to convert no more than 5,000 Indian rupees worth of currency. That was worth $70 on that day. The deductions included all sorts of taxes including the Krishi tax(Irrigation tax) and I was like WTF. I received 4,100 INR, where the rest was deducted in bloody taxes.

After winning OLA 250 rupees coupon, I was sitting on my trolley and was waiting at the airport for 6 hours before I boarded my train to Ajmer from Delhi Cantt.

I literally killed the boredom that day.

Not to mention that I lost my balance and fell from the trolley, luggage and all.








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