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After the shitty day, I at least got to have drinks and amazing Mexican food. My sponsor and I were discussing the state of Nuclear Affairs, standing outside in the foggy Arlington night. The “Supreme Leader” of North Korea had just fired Nuclear missiles over Japan, where emergency sirens blared and Japan ran for shelter. Of course, this was not a light-hearted conversation. Heaviness hung in the air, when my sponsor explained the current situation in her home country.

Japan has seen its fair share of Nuclear attacks. Hiroshima and Nagasaki comes into mind where generations were being wiped out. Well, that is Japan’s story where you must have heard 80,000 deaths in Hiroshima alone and 40,000 deaths in Nagasaki later.

In the last two months, I have tried to understand the underlying effects, when we went Nuclear. Nuclear tests are now internationally banned in atmosphere and in sea. Interestingly, terms were negotiated for an underground Nuclear test in 1996. [1] So, there is no doubt in my mind, that whatever the Supreme Leader of North Korea is doing, is illegal.

What if the test fails? What if the missile following its pre-decided trajectory, fails to do so? What if the debris of that missile, falls on the citizens of Japan? Men, women, children, animals, plants, will die and they will die in the year of 2017, the year you and I are both alive. We both get to live and they don’t.

Between the period of 1945-1992, United States was responsible for conducting 50% of the total Nuclear tests orchestrated in the entire world. According to ‘ican-International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons’, 2.4 million people eventually died worldwide, due to cancer. FYI- Atmospheric Nuclear Testing can cause cancer due to radiation exposure. In case you did not know.

To give you a perspective, America’s first detonation of a Nuclear Weapon was codenamed as Trinity, and the test was conducted in a desert of New Mexico. We are living in 2017, and 72 years later, the following stories were reported by Aljazeera America.

There’s Rosemary Cordova, whose son Danny lost his left eye after undergoing four major brain surgeries for cancer; Henry Herrera, who saw the blast and must now make regular trips to Albuquerque for cancer treatment; Edna Hinkle, who submitted over $300,000 in claims to her insurance company for chemotherapy; and thousands of other New Mexicans known as “downwinders.””[2]

Feel lucky yet?

In my opinion, there is no action in this world that can justify mass murders or genocide. There is no place in this world, where we would be able to hide, if a Nuclear test goes wrong. There will be no power to show, no food to eat and no oxygen to breathe, if the Nuclear tests are not abolished. Moreover, if we as youth are unable to decipher the mass impact that our ignorance is going to have, our entire generation and the next may not co-exist.

Any technology that decimates the human advancement in intellect and health is recipe for a disaster. South Koreans and Japanese are preparing themselves for Nuclear attacks. They are investing in bunkers and missile defense trainings. Their smartphones beeped in unison and televisions blacked out to high alert, when the Nuclear missile flew over their heads. I wonder, if I had been in that state, where the world is about to end, who would I blame?

You and me.

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