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The above photo portrays Josie Cunningham- a dating site founder of the site “Pull a Pig”- where “average looking women” can date.

On a different note, according to the Urban Dictionary, Pull a Pig is a game where a group of guys go out and they win the game by banking the ugliest looking woman.

I had eternally been a chubby kid. Smart, yet no matter how much I tried, the flabs increased and the chin turned double. The stomach size boosted with my increasing excuses. I was a fat kid. Always. I was bullied and cajoled to lose weight by friends and family. Somehow, my weight had become my identity. Nothing else mattered!

The hormonal imbalance, the moustaches, the sweat bags, came as sides to the main dish. I visited several doctors to understand the root cause. It never helped. I was a lazy kid, and ever since I remember, I have tried to shed some pounds. Even though I have lost weight once in a while, I gain back. I gain back with utmost monstrosity. It has long affected my relationships-all relationships.

One of the most devastating memories that I have had growing up, was when I had a crush on a boy. In hindsight, I don’t think that he was even good looking. He was a boy, 3 years my senior and living in an apartment below ours.

He knew that I had dolly eyes for him. He used to hang out with his cool group of skate boarding friends. This was in middle school. We were invited to a friend’s birthday party and when he asked me to dance, I was all gaga! We danced on some romantic number, in front of all his friends and mine. I came back flushed with my heart beating fast and it seemed like love. Those days we did not have mobile phones- there were eye contacts, hand brushes, the slight tuck of hair behind my ear by him, the dreary smiles, the sleazy notes, the hand waves, the hand shakes and so on. I wanted him to write in my scrap book- so that I can remember him by. I saw him writing in my book with all his friends hilariously laughing at what he was writing. He asked me to see my book when I returned home. I complied, and saw that his entry was filled with profanity. For me. I was called ugly. I was called a bitch. I was called hungry.

Two days ago, I read about Sophie Stevenson, who took a flight to meet her love interest Jesse Mateman all the way to Amsterdam. On arrival, Jesse did not pick Sophie up from the airport or take her calls. The romance breathed its last, when Sophie received a text message from Jesse after 6 hours, stating that everything was a joke. According to Sophie, she was also called a “fat ugly pig” by Jesse-through text.

Fiona Moore was at a night club and a gorgeous looking guy came over to talk to her. They started chatting but once she reached the bar counter, all his friends started cracking jokes. They all had been competing to chat with the fattest and the ugliest girl in the nightclub.

I wonder, since when we have compared fat with ugly. The obscene heartlessness of the pranks, saddens me about the world we are leading into. How can you call a person ugly, just because they are fat? Is a good heart not enough? Is personality, kindness, education, humor, smartness, compassion-not sufficient? Beauty cannot be undermined with physical attributes. However, the reality is that our love is by sight first, soul comes second. My fear is the legacy that we are leaving behind.

My eyes welled with tears and my heart contracted with that prick of a person who pulled a pig on me several years ago. The incidents with Sophie and Fiona, made me stand in that atrocious memory lane of mine. I still remember the guy’s name, even though we haven’t been keeping in touch. I hope he is moving on with his life, with an arm candy by his side-feeling happy about what he has got. Of course, I was gold, and he would know years later what he lost. Maybe-Maybe not.





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