Hello Loser!

imageIts an adult blog, for adults and may or may not have word check, flashbacks, sadness, excitement, audacity and obnoxiousness.If you want to know me, attached is the photo taken in 2013. By the way I have hardly changed in 3 years, as far as the backside of my head is concerned.

If you have travelled along this way and stumbled on my first ever blog post of the blog of failure, you are tuned to the right place.  Three rules that I have kept for this blog:

1. The photos are mine and you will be sued if you use my photos

2. The words may or may not be egaggerated, and you will be sued if you use my words

3. Some posts will be of hysterical in nature(both in a good way and bad) and can be posted daily, monthly, twice a week, twice a day or twice an hour. Try to keep up and not get irritated.

Lastly, supply is high and demand is less. So this blog is probably a rant. Try to be open about it!