The official meaning of the above said word is “the wrestling arena”. The Youtube trailers of this film has been awesome! Amir Khan and the 4 girls look like they have really worked hard on the whole film.¬†By the look of it, the story is¬†about two sisters and their father, where the father had a dream to make India proud. He is fulfilling his dream by training his 2 girls Geeta and Babita Kumari to be world class wrestlers. Here is the trailer:

So the weird thing is, I am crying after every time I watch the trailer. A wave of desperation hits me, a tremor of nostalgia engulfs me in its arms and before I know it, I am shedding tears.

How can a film trailer has such an effect?

I have always fought with two sides of my self. One side is strong and independent, indestructible, charming and stubborn, my man side. I am not saying that all men are like that, I am just saying, that being all those flaccid objectives dignify my iron side-man side.Pulling from the other end is another side- my woman side, which is also strong and independent, vulnerable and stubborn, indestructible and beautiful. My woman side is not iron, its like water- fluid. My woman side will take the shape of a bowl if confined to a bowl, and will mingle with the entire ocean if given the freedom. Neither of the side screams feminism or male chauvinism, they just co-exist in constant repel and attraction with each other.

So why the hell am I crying?

Its not a constant cry, its just tears after the 3 minutes or so trailer.

Maybe its because of my father who believed in me and educated me. He has trusted me and loved me. He has never left my side, and he has truly given me the wings to fly. He is that man, who bends his iron will for his children, is sensitive about me not calling him for a couple of days, who said that I am an investment with zero return but still sent my to the States to fulfill my dream, he is a brutally honest man. He is the man, who is my confidante and mentor. He is the man, of whom I have inherited my man -side. I have loved him more than I hated him, respected him more than I loved him and confided in him more than I feared him.  Am  I missing my father? Are those tears of happiness or sadness?

Any help here is highly appreciated…